Packages managing in Miktex

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Latex

You are planning to write a paper, such as IEEE format paper, by using Latex and you don’t know what exact you need to do right now. This tutorial is for you :D. The template of IEEE paper, please see here.

Each paper requires a specific format defined by “host” that you submit. Therefore, you need to install packages that are provides by each host. In case of IEEE, you also need to install the package called “IEEEtran”. You can download this package in here

For simplicity, this tutorial uses Miktex for managing packages. Let watch the first video in here for Miktex

Let’s open the Package Manager window of Miktex:


Packages are stored in repositories. The window will show you all available packages of the default repository of Miktex, likes below:


If you only want to install the packages of ieee, filtering function will help you:


Choose the package that you want and click on “+” button on the toolbar to install it: 


In case the default repository doesn’t work or it misses packages that you need, just change to another repository as follows:


The window for changing package repository:


Sometime you have a trouble in connecting to repositories because using a proxy server, so skip checking in “Use a proxy server”. Here is the list of available repositories:


Choose one and then install the packages you want.


Seoul, Oct 11, 2014



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